Before starting High Street Design, Susan worked in communications for over 25 years. Starting with cut and paste newspaper ad layout, she eventually started and owned three small weekly newspaper in the 1990s. The first graphic design computer she was trained on in 1987 stood 7 feet tall, was made in Sweden and cost a million bucks. Eventually, Susan spent several years as Promotions Manager with Down East and Fly Rod & Reel  magazines. She has also worked in television news and was the founding President of Belfast’s community cable station, BCTV.  She works with many local non-profits and is the (volunteer) Art Director of the Hospice Volunteers of Waldo County. Susan is also a fine art photography, represented by of Portland. Her photography website is 
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Ned Lightner has over 30 years of experience in the television and video industry.  He has been nominated for Emmies twice and has worked with many different clients on a wide range of projects.   Ned is the lead videographer on every project so you can be assured of great footage and personal attention. See more about Ned’s work at
Al Arthur is a busy web designer making custom built responsive WordPress websites that are flexible to smart phones and tablets, it is important for websites to be easily accessible and thoroughly enjoyable on all devices. When High Street Design needs high level, complex sites to back our designs, we get Al. See Al’s work at
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